Saturday, July 28 and Sunday July 29 at 10 am local, Nationwide
Hosted by Lawyer Moms of America https://www.facebook.com/lawyermomsofamerica/

Take a stand for family reunification! On the weekend of Saturday July 28 and Sunday July 29, kids and families across the nation will host lemonade stands to raise awareness of the ongoing separation and detention of migrant families and to raise funds to speed up the safe reunification of families. Join us by hosting a lemonade stand in your neighborhood or donating to your local lemonade stand! 

Since April, thousands of children have been separated from their parents at the U.S. border as a result of President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy. Despite a court order to reunite children with their parents, many children are still sitting alone in shelters. All proceeds from the lemonade stands will benefit Project Corazon, a program designed to help safely reunite families. 

Here’s how to get involved in 4 easy steps! 

1. On July 28th or July 29th at 10 am Local, host a lemonade stand in your neighborhood and invite friends, families, and neighbors
2. Make signs using the Kids Take A Stand logo, which you can find on this Facebook page under Photos.
3. On July 28th, post pictures of your lemonade stand to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag: #kidstakeastand
4. Donate all proceeds from your stand to Project Corazon using this link  through our Virtual Lemonade Stand or here.  

Here is our hand How-To Guide for Lemonade Stands

Together, we can take a stand by making a stand!

To learn more about this cause check out our National Press Release and our Local Press Release.  


If you are looking for other ways to get involved by volunteering or donating, check out our resource guide here.

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